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What Is Head Start?

Head Start is a new Apprenticeship and Traineeship pathway for school students aimed at giving them just that. Head Start allows students to undertake their VCE or VCAL up to three years so they can spend more time in paid, on-the-job training to develop skills employers need in growing industries.

Head Start students leave secondary school with their VCE or VCAL and the recognition for completing or near completed their Apprenticeship or Traineeship. 

The Benefits of Head Start

Head Start students are supported to grow into skilled Apprentices and Trainees who have the literacy and numeracy skills and on the job experience that employers seek.

Employers and students are supported by Head Start Coordinators over the whole apprenticeship or traineeship. 

Employers are committed to providing genuine, long-term employment opportunities to young people who want to complete both their apprenticeship/traineeship and their VCE/VCAL.

Students receive professional career planning advice from their school career practitioner, get the opportunity to discuss it with family and weigh up if it is the right career pathway for them, before signing up to a Head Start apprenticeship or traineeship.

A Head Start student receives:

  • More time on the job in areas of industry demand
  • Employer support for students to complete their VCE or VCAL, as well as their apprenticeship or traineeship.
  • Payment of a fair training wage
  • Quality training through Victorian TAFE or Skills First Registered Training Organisations
  • Strong support for the life of their apprenticeship or traineeship

How Head Start Works

Depending on the needs of the employer, students attend schools some days and work on others. At a minimum, students will undertake paid employment for 

  • One day per week in Year 10
  • Two days per week in Year 11
  • Two or three days per week in Year 12.

For more information, contact Head Start Co-ordinator Jenna Rees in the Careers office