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11 VCE Media Studies (11AME1)

The Course

Unit 1: Media Forms, Representations and Australian Stories

In this unit students develop an understanding of audiences and the core concepts underpinning the construction of representations and meaning in different media forms. They explore media codes and conventions and the construction of meaning in media products. Students analyse how representations, narrative and media codes and conventions contribute to the construction of the media realities audiences engage with and read. Students gain an understanding of audiences as producers and consumers of media products. Through analysing the structure of narratives, students consider the impact of media creators and institutions on production. They develop research skills to investigate and analyse selected narratives focusing on the influence of media professionals on production genre and style. Students develop an understanding of the features of Australian fictional and non-fictional narratives in different media forms. Students work in a range of media forms and develop and produce representations to demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of each media form, and how they contribute to the communication of meaning.


Unit 2: Narrative Across Media Forms

In this unit students further develop an understanding of the concept of narrative in media products and forms in different contexts. Narratives in both traditional and newer forms include film, television, sound, news, print, photography, games, and interactive digital forms. Students analyse the influence of developments in media technologies on individuals and society, examining in a range of media forms the effects of media convergence and hybridisation on the design, production and distribution of narratives in the media and audience engagement, consumption and reception. Students undertake production activities to design and create narratives that demonstrate an awareness of the structures and media codes and conventions appropriate to corresponding media forms.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 16 and above.

Unit 1 Topics

Unit 2 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

Folio based assessment is used for the following activities:

These units lead to

University or TAFE study of Media and Media related subjects, leading to employment in creative industries like film-making, journalism, design, media planner, multi-media specialist and public relations.

Special considerations

It is advised that students have undertaken year 10 and Unit 1 & 2 Media, however it is not essential. Students who have already completed Units 1 & 2 will have developed skills and knowledge which will improve their ability to create quality works within Units 3 & 4 of this subject.

Costs involved

Excursion each semester (approx. $20)

Materials required

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Mrs Moss, Mr Trew

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