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11 VCE Music Performance (11AMP1)

The Course

Units 1 and 2 of Music Performance build and expand performance skills. This is done through practical studies on selected instruments, technical studies related to the art of performing, music theory, aural skills and written analysis. Students will undertake private tuition for their chosen instrument and prepare performances for teachers, peers and parents, culminating in an assessed performance at the end of each unit. Students will study theory, both written and aural, during classes as well as develop vocabulary and analytical skills for responding to musical excerpts.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 16 and above.

Unit 1 Topics


Theory & Aural


Unit 2 Topics


Theory & Aural




Learning and Assessment Activities

Units 1-4 School Assessed Coursework:

e Technical and Unprepared Performance assessments (Units 1-4)

e End of unit performance recitals

e Theory and analysis tests

e Organisation of Sound (Unit 2 only)


e Internal written theory & analysis exams for Unit 1 and Unit 2



These units lead to

Music Performance Units 3 & 4

Special considerations

Students must be learning an instrument or taking vocal lessons.

Costs involved

No cost involved.

Materials required

e Instrument

e Manuscript

e Theory workbook – Melinda Ceresoli Worksbook


For further information see...

Ms Stewart or Mrs Gunning

Study design link