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11 VCE Studio Arts (11ASA1)

The Course

In this unit students focus on establishing and using a studio practice to produce artworks. The studio practice

includes the formulation and use of an individual approach to documenting sources of inspiration, and experimentation

with selected materials and techniques relevant to specific art forms. Students explore and develop ideas and

subject matter, create aesthetic qualities and record the development of the work in a visual diary as part of the

studio process.

Through the study of art movements and styles, students begin to understand the use of other artists’ work in

the making of new artworks. Students also develop skills in the visual analysis of artworks. Artworks made by artists

from different times and cultures are analysed to understand developments in studio practice. Using a range of art

periods, movements or styles, students develop a broader knowledge about the history of art. Analysis is used to

understand the artists’ ideas and how they have created aesthetic qualities and subject matter. Comparisons of

contemporary art with historical art styles and movements should be encouraged.

The exhibition of artworks is integral to Unit 2 and students are encouraged to visit a variety of exhibition spaces

throughout the unit, reflect on the different environments and examine how artworks are presented to an audience.

70% practical work 30% Theory 


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 16 and above.

Unit 1 Topics

Unit 2 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

Folio based assessment is used for the following activities:

These units lead to

University study of Art, leading to employment in creative industries like fashion, design or working as a professional artist.

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE Studio Arts, you should have satisfactorily completed a Year 10 Visual art subject and demonstrated sufficient competency in all skill areas. You must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Costs involved

$100 per unit ($200 per year)

Materials required

Art-isan Textbook 

For further information see...

Mr Hasley, Mr Trew Ms Watson-Davie 

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