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11 VCE Visual Communication (11AVC1)

The Course

Unit 1: Introduction to Visual Communication Design

Students apply their design thinking skills, as well as drawing skills to create messages, ideas and concepts. Students practise drawings for different purposes using a range of drawing methods, media and materials and the design elements and principles. Students will explore the contextual background of visual communications by investigating different styles. Students will learn about the importance of copyright and intellectual property. Students are introduced to the stages of the design process: research, generation of ideas, development of concepts and refinement of visual communications.


Unit 2: Applications of Visual Communication within Design Fields

Students will apply their design knowledge, deisgn thinking and drawing methods to create visual communications to meet specific purposes in the design fields. Students will use technical drawing conventions and communicate ideas to create presentation drawings in the communication, environmental and industrial fields of design. They will investigate how type and imagery are used in these fields to create their own visual communication designs. Students will be able to engage in the stages of the design process to solve design problems in response to a design brief.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 16 and above.


Unit 1 Topics

Unit 2 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

A pathway to a range of related fields such as industrial, product, interior and exhibition design, engineering, fashion, furniture, jewellery, textile and ceramic design at both TAFE and University Levels.

Special considerations

There are no prerequisites for entry to study units 1 & 2. Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to studying Unit 4.

Costs involved

$45 per unit ($90 per year)

Excursion once a year to visit TOP Design folios.

Materials required

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