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11 VCE English Language (11EEL1)

The Course

The focus of this unit is language and its use in communication. The use of language is an essential aspect of human behaviour, the means by which individuals relate to the world, to each other, and to the community of which they are members. This unit focuses on the nature and functions of language itself and the way language is organised so that it provides its users with the means by which they can make sense of their experience and have contact with others. It enables students to explore the informational and expressive functions of language, the nature of language as a highly elaborate system of signs, the development of language in an individual, and the relationship between speech and writing as the dominant modes of use. 

Unit 1 Topics

Unit 2 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

Unit 3 & 4 English Language 

Special considerations

English Language looks at language in a different way. It complements the study of VCE LOTE and Standard English. It is an advanced English; it deals with ideas and concepts that are sometimes more complex than standard English.

Costs involved

Materials required

Texts as per booklist (approx. $60). 

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