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11 VCE English Literature (11ELI1)

The Course

In VCE Literature students undertake close reading of texts and analyse how language and literary elements and techniques function within a text. Emphasis is placed on recognition of a text’s complexity and meaning. The study provides opportunities for reading deeply, widely and critically, responding analytically and creatively. VCE Literature enables students to examine the historical and cultural contexts within which both readers and texts are situated. It investigates the assumptions, views and values which both writer and reader bring to the text.

Unit 1 Topics

Approaches to literature

Students focus on the ways the interaction between text and reader creates meaning. They develop an awareness of how the views and values that readers hold may influence the reading of a text.

Unit 2 Topics

Context and connections

In this unit students deepen their examination of the ways their own culture and the cultures represented in texts can influence their interpretations and shape different meanings. They engage in close reading of texts and create analytical responses that are evidence-based.

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

Unit 3 and 4 Literature.

Special considerations

This course is text heavy and as such you are required to read and view all texts a number of times in your spare time. If you enjoy reading, this course is for you!

Costs involved

As per booklist.

Possible incursion/excursion of approx. $30.

Materials required

As per booklist. 

For further information see...

Careers or the English co-ordinator. 

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