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11 VCE Legal Studies (11HLS1)

The Course

In Unit 1, students develop an understanding of legal foundations, such as the different types and sources of law and the existence of a court hierarchy in Victoria. Students investigate key concepts of criminal law and civil law and apply these to actual and/or hypothetical scenarios to determine whether an accused may be found guilty of a crime, or liable in a civil dispute.

Unit 2 focuses on the enforcement of criminal law and civil law, the methods and institutions that may be used to determine a criminal case or resolve a civil dispute, and the purposes and types of sanctions and remedies and their effectiveness.

Unit 1 Topics

Legal foundations - includes the characteristics, sources and types of law


The presumption of innocence - looks at criminal law in detail


Civil liability - looks at key concepts and areas of civil law in detail

Unit 2 Topics

Sanctions - CRIMINAL LAW

Remedies - CIVIL LAW

Rights - looks at how rights are protected in Australia and cases that have impacted on our rights

Learning and Assessment Activities

Tasks can be presented orally, in writing or using presentation technology, as chosen by the teacher.

These units lead to

An education in law teaches powerful critical thinking and reasoning skills that enhance intellectual capabilities in all areas of a person's life. Students studying law also develop presentation skills through mock trials, clinics and classroom discussion. Knowledge of the law also means becoming familiar with law-specific language and being able to interpret it for others. An education in law is useful for careers in government, human resources and other areas. Studying legal studies can lead to pursuing a career as a law clerk, solicitor, barrister, judge, etc.

Special considerations

It is advisable to undertake Units 1 and 2 Legal Studies before undertaking Units 3 and 4 Legal Studies, but this is not strictly needed.

Costs involved

There is an excursion to the Supreme and County Courts in Melbourne costing approximately $30 each year. When available every second year students also visit Barwon Prison in Geelong. Textbooks are approximately $100

Materials required

Textbook, Legal notes book, and stationary.

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