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The Course

Foundation Mathematics provides for the continuing mathematical development of students entering VCE and who do not necessarily intend to undertake Unit 3 and 4 studies in VCE Mathematics in the following year. This course is designed to complement General Mathematics and Mathematical Methods. Students completing this course would need to undertake additional targeted mathematical study in order to attempt Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4. 

At Drouin Secondary College this subject is delivered as part of the College VCAL program.

Unit 1 Topics

‘Space, shape and design’, ‘Patterns and number’.

Unit 2 Topics

 ‘Patterns and number’, ‘Data’ and ‘Measurement’. 

Learning and Assessment Activities

In Foundation Mathematics there is a strong emphasis on the use of mathematics in practical contexts encountered in everyday life in the community, at work and at study. The areas of study for Units 1 and 2 of Foundation Mathematics are ‘Space, shape and design’, ‘Patterns and number’, ‘Data’ and ‘Measurement’.

These units lead to

This subject does not lead to any future study in VCE maths.

Special considerations

This subject can only be studied as a unit 1 and 2 subject. It does not lead to any of the unit 3 and 4 subjects in maths.

This subject is delivered as part of the VCAL program. 

Costs involved

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