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11 VCE General Mathematics (11MGM1)

The Course

The General Mathematics course provides for many combinations of student interests. It also is the precursor for study of VCE Further Mathematics at Units 3 and 4. The areas of study for General Mathematics Unit 1 and Unit 2 are ‘Algebra and structure’, ‘Arithmetic and number’, ‘Discrete mathematics’, ‘Geometry, measurement and trigonometry’, ‘Graphs of linear and non-linear relations’ and ‘Statistics’.

Unit 1 Topics

- Graphs and Networks
- Matrices
- Financial Arithmetic
- Number Patterns and Recursion

Unit 2 Topics

- Linear Relations and Equations
- Linear Graphs and Models
- Investigating and Comparing Data
- Relationships between two Numerical Variables

Learning and Assessment Activities

Students will complete various School Assessed Coursework (SACs) to assess their ability to meet the 3 Outcomes.

An end of the Semester, there will be an Exam for both Unit 1 & 2.

These units lead to

This subject is designed to lead directly into VCE Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4.

Special considerations

Costs involved


Materials required

For further information see...

Please see: Mrs Marx, Mr Sandhu, Mr Cox, Mr Dowty or Mr Walsh

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