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11 VCE Physical Education (11PPE1)

The Course

In Unit1, students explore how the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems work together to produce movement. Through practical activities students explore the relationships between the body systems and physical activity, sport and exercise, and how the systems adapt and adjust to the demands of the activity. Students investigate the role and function of the main structures in each system and how they respond to physical activity, sport and exercise. 

In Unit 2, students develop an understanding of physical activity, sport and society from a participatory perspective. Students are introduced to types of physical activity and the role participation in physical activity and sedentary behaviour plays in their own health and wellbeing as well as in other people’s lives in different population groups. Through a series of practical activities, students experience and explore different types of physical activity promoted in their own and different population groups

Unit 1 Topics

Unit 2 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

Further study in this area, directly or indirectly, may lead to many various occupations/university studies in, for example Physical Education, Sports or Personal Training, Coaching, Occupational Therapy, Sport and Recreation, Health Promotion, Medicine.

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE Physical Education it would be advantageous to have successfully completed at least 1 Year 10 PE electives.

Costs involved

Textbook ($80) and possible excursion ($40)

Edrolo online required software $30 per year (for two units)

Materials required


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