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11 VCE Physics (11SPH1)

The Course

Unit 1: What ideas explain the physical world? Ideas in physics are dynamic. As physicists explore concepts, theories evolve. Often this requires the detection, description and explanation of things that cannot be seen. In this unit students explore how physics explains phenomena, at various scales, which are not always visible to the unaided human eye. They examine some of the fundamental ideas and models used by physicists in an attempt to understand and explain the world. Students consider thermal concepts by investigating heat, probe common analogies used to explain electricity and consider the origins and formation of matter. Unit 2: What do experiments reveal about the physical world? In this unit students explore the power of experiments in developing models and theories. They investigate a variety of phenomena by making their own observations and generating questions, which in turn lead to experiments. Students make direct observations of physics phenomena and examine the ways in which phenomena that may not be directly observable can be explored through indirect observations.

Unit 1 Topics

Area of Study 1 How can thermal effects be explained? Area of Study 2 How do electric circuits work? Area of Study 3 What is matter and how is it formed?

Unit 2 Topics

Area of Study 1 How can motion be described and explained? Area of Study 2 Options Area of Study 3 Practical investigation

Learning and Assessment Activities

Unit 1 For Outcomes 1, 2 & 3 / Unit 2 Outcomes 1 & 2 • an annotated folio of practical activities • data analysis • design, building, testing and evaluation of a device • an explanation of the operation of a device • a proposed solution to a scientific or technological problem • a report of a selected physics phenomenon • a modelling activity • a media response • a summary report of selected practical investigations • a reflective learning journal/blog related to selected activities or in response to an issue • a test comprising multiple choice and/or short answer and/or extended response. Unit 2 For Outcome 3 only • a report of a practical investigation (student-designed or adapted) using an appropriate format, for example a scientific poster, practical report, oral communication or digital presentation.

These units lead to

VCE Physics Unit 3 & 4 TAFE courses for electronics, electrical trades, surveying and computing. University studies in the Physical Sciences, Engineering, Astronomy, Surveying and Medical imaging and many more. Check with your careers counsellor as this is a pre requisite or preferred subject for many courses. May also attract ATAR score boost for some courses at individual institutions.

Special considerations

There are no prerequisites for entry to Units 1, 2 and 3. Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4. Students entering Unit 3 without Units 1 and/or 2 may be required to undertake additional reading as prescribed by their teacher.

Costs involved

Subscription to Edrolo Textbook: Includes access to on-line lessons.

Excursion / Field trip approximately $40

Materials required

Text book as per booklist, 2 x 128 page exercise books, USB and a netbook.

For further information see...

Talk with Mr Bohni or Mr Russell

Study design link

VCAA course guide: http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/vce/physics/PhysicsSD-2016.pdf