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11 VCE Product Design Technology (11TPD1)

The Course

Unit 1: Sustainability Product Redevelopment

Area of Study 1: Sustainable redevelopment of a product.

Students consider the sustainability of an existing product and consider how to re-develop a product using suitable materials with a focus of trying to improve aspects of the product aesthetics, function, considering sustainability. Students learn about the product design process, product design factors and intellectual property.


Area of Study 2: Producing and evaluating a redeveloped product.

Students will produce and evaluate a redeveloped product using tools, equipment, machines and materials taking into account safety considerations. Students will compare the product with the original design and evaluate it against the needs and requirements of their design brief.


Unit 2: Collaborative Design

Area of Study 1:Designing within a Team.

Students will apply the product design prcoess collaboratively and individually to design and plan a product or range of products collaboratively in repsonse to their design brief. Each student will work in a design team. Students will develop skills in both project management and presentation of their work.

Area o Study 2: Producing and evaluating within a Team.

Students will apply their skills and knowledge to make their product, designed in Area of Study 1 in accordance with their teams requirements. The team will look at historical or contemporary design movements or styles that have inspired their designs.

Unit 1 Topics

* Product Design Process,* Product Design Factors * Product Re-development * What Designers do, how designers work * Materials * Intellectual Property * Producing and evaluating a re-developed product

Unit 2 Topics

* Designing within a team * Producing and evaluating a collaboratively designed product

Learning and Assessment Activities

* Workbook tasks * Materials testing * Production activities * Design Folio following the Product Design Process that contains a design brief, evaluation criteria, research activities, visualisations (concept sketches and drawings), design options, working drawings, production plan & product evaluation * Examination * Formative feedback

These units lead to

A pathway to a range of related fields such as industrial, product, interior and exhibition design, engineering, fashion, furniture, jewellery, textile and ceramic design at both TAFE and University Levels.

Special considerations

It is advantageous to have studied year 10 Woodwork, textiles or metalwork but it is not compulsory.

Costs involved

$80 per year ($40 per unit) plus an excursion once a year to visit TOP Design folios.

Materials required

Textbook, Student workbook, A3 Folio and A3 Plastic pockets for folio

For further information see...

Mr Stein

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