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12 VCE Dance (12ADA1)

The Course

Two-year program - focuses on analysis and Choreography VCE Dance is comprised of 4 Units taken over 2 years. It has equal rating to other VCE subjects and at Units 3 &4 level gives a study score to be included in the final ATAR score. Dance is the language of movement. This study is designed to develop a broad understanding and appreciation of dance through the integration of practical and theoretical aspects of learning in the context of composition and performance. It also allows students to develop and refine their technical and compositional skills by exploring a personal and learnt movement vocabulary and ways in which ideas are communicated in their own and others dance.

The study is designed to develop an appreciation of dance through exploration of:

Unit 3 Topics

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities


These units lead to

Successful completion enables credit for up to 4 VCE units to the VCE Certificate.

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE Dance, you should have 3- 4 years dance experience. You must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Costs involved

Private class run as a co curriculum subject please contact Mrs Crump for class rates

Materials required

Dance clothing and shoes, standard writing materials, etc

For further information see...

Miss Brooker

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