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12 VCE Drama (12ADR1)

The Course

The focus of Units 3 & 4 is on non-naturalistic devised performance. Unit 3 is an ensemble performance and Unit 4 is a solo (stimulus chosen from a list produced by VCAA each year). Students need to create, document, perform and analyse their own performances. Documentation of the creation process is a major part of assessment, which makes this a folio subject. Unit 3’s ensemble performance is assessed by the classroom teacher. Unit 4’s solo performance is assessed at an external performance examination. Both Units involve analysing a professional production from the VCAA playlist.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 16 and above.

Unit 3 Topics

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

University study of theatre, drama and acting, leading to employment in the performing arts, education, literature, or event management industries (among many others).

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE Drama, you should have satisfactorily completed Year 10 Drama and demonstrated sufficient competency in all skill areas, or be prepared to complete catch-up work. You must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Costs involved

Annual cost $20 for playscript

Excursion to see a professional performance each semester (approx. $30 per performance)

Materials required

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