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12 VCE Visual Communication (12AVC1)

The Course

Unit 3: Visual Communication design practices

Students gain an understanding of the design process, designers employ to structure their thinking and communicate ideas with clients, target auduences, other desginers and specialists. Students will anayse visual communications, gain an insight into how the selection of methods, media and materials and the application of design elements and design principles, can crerate effective visual communications for specfic target audiences and purposes.

Students research and anaylse the process of visual communication designers to support the development of their own designs. They establish a design brief for a client and apply design thinking through the design process, identifying two distinctly different needs for the client, and the pursose, target audience, context and constraints relevant to each need.

Students use observational and visualisation drawings to generate a wide range of design ideas and apply design thinking strategies to organise and evaluate thier ideas. The brief and research underpin the development and refinement work undertaken in Unit 4.


Unit 4: Visual Communication design development, evaluation and presentation

In this unit, students focus on the development of design concepts and two final presentations of visual communications to meet the requirements of the design brief. Students will apply the design process twice.

Students completed their design brief and generated ideas in Unit 3. They now continue the design process by developing and refining concepts for each communication need as stated in the design brief. Students can use a range of digital or manual two and three dimensional methods, media and materials. Students will also investigate how the design elements and design principles convey different communication messages and ideas to the target audience. Students will contnually reflect and evaluat the design solutions against the design brief.


Unit 3 Topics

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

These units lead to

Pathway to a range of related fields such as industrial, product, interior and exhibition deisgn, engineering, furniture, jewellery and ceramic design at both TAFE and University Levels.

Special considerations

There are no prerequisites for entry to study Units 3 & 4. However it is advantageous to have studies Units 1 & 2.

 Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to studying Unit 4.

Costs involved

$45 per unit ($90 per year)

Excursion once a year to visit TOP Design folios.  


Materials required

Text book 

Student Workbook


A3 folio and A3 plastic pockets for folio

For further information see...

See Mrs Croft

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