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12 VCE English Language (12EEL1)

The Course

In Year 12 English Language students investigate the English language in contemporary Australian social settings, along with its role in establishing and challenging different identities. They consider its use as a means of social interaction, exploring how through written and spoken texts we communicate information, ideas, attitudes, and more. Students consider how texts are influenced by the situational and cultural contexts in which they occur, and examine the interrelationship between words, sentences and texts to explore the construction of meaning. They identify how different texts are able to serve a variety of social purposes, and how the variation in language use serves to promote inclusion and exclusion, create solidarity, and reinforce social distance.

Unit 3 Topics

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

All these activities apply to both written and spoken texts.

These units lead to

Special considerations

English Language looks at language in a different way. It complements the study of VCE LOTE and Standard English. It is an advanced English; it deals with ideas and concepts that are sometimes more complex than standard English.

Costs involved

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