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12 VCE Food Studies (12FFS1)

The Course

Do you enjoy cooking, eating and learning about the world of food?

Do you need a fun and exciting VCE subject that you are prepared to work hard in and challenge yourself?

If so, then read on ...

VCE Food Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of food, with an emphasis on extending food knowledge and skills and building individual pathways to health and wellbeing through the application of practical food skills.

VCE Food Studies provides a framework for informed and confident food selection and food preparation within today’s complex architecture of influences and choices.

You will explore food from a wide range of perspectives. You study past and present patterns of eating, Australian and global food production systems and the many physical and social functions and roles of food.

You research economic, environmental and ethical dimensions of food and critically evaluate information, marketing messages and new food trends.

Practical work is integral to VCE Food Studies and includes:



Unit 3 Topics

Unit 3: 

This Unit investigates the many roles and everyday influences of food.

It explores the science of food, physiology of eating and appreciating food and the microbiology of digestion.

The practical component includes the application of specific techniques to the production of everyday food that facilitates the establishment of nutritious and sustainable meal patterns.



Unit 4 Topics

Unit 4: 

Examines debates about global and Australian food systems, focusing on issues about the environment, ecology, ethics, farming practices, the development and application of technologies and the challenges of food security, food safety and food wastage.

The practical component allows for opportunities to apply knowledge and responses to environmental and ethical food issues, reflecting on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.  

Learning and Assessment Activities

Unit 3

Unit 4

These units lead to

The study of Units 3 and 4 Food Studies may provide a foundation for University or TAFE pathways:

Special considerations

There are no pre-requisites for undertaking Unit 3 Food Studies, however it is expected you will have been able to practice your food preparation skills at home.  

You must undertake Unit 3 Food Studies prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Contribution to final assessment:

Costs involved

Materials required

For further information see...

For more information,  see Mrs Allen, Mrs McHutchison, Mrs Stevens or Mr Thorpe.

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