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12 VCE History (12HHI1)

The Course

Unit 3 & 4: Revolutions Units 3 & 4 study two revolutions (one each semester). The study considers differing perspectives and the reasons why different groups have made different judgments of the history of the revolution. Revolutions could include America, French, Russia and China (this is chosen by the teacher).

Unit 3 has two areas of study (revolutionary ideas, leaders, movements and events, and, creating the new society) for one revolution. The same two areas of study are repeated for another revolution in Unit 4.

Unit 3 Topics

The American Revolution

Area of Study 1: Causes of Revolution

Area of Study 2: Consequeces of Revolutions



Unit 4 Topics

The Russian Revolution:

Area of Study 1: Causes of Revolution

Area of Study 2: Consequeces of Revolutions

Learning and Assessment Activities

The VCE History Revolutions Study Design requires students to undertake the following tasks as part of their SACs over units 3 and 4:

As there are two Areas of Study for each unit and four different tasks to complete as SACs, this could be achieved by doing one SAC per Area of Study and a different task each SAC. For example, Unit 3's Area of Study 1 could be an Historical Inquiry, and Area of Study 2 could be an Analysis of Historical Interpretations. This would leave the Source Analysis and Essay for the two SACs in Unit 4.

There is also an end of year written examination, which will include short answer questions, visual and document analysis, and an essay.

These units lead to

Studying History leads to an array of occupations (historiography, archaeology, anthropology, criminology, cultural heritage office, foreign affairs and trade, writing, editing, journalism, tourism, research, data analysis, education, human resources, museum curator, among others).

The skills required to be successful in VCE History (analysis of cause and effect, evaluation of sources, communicating ideas through the written word) are invaluable and do not tie down to one field of expertise or occupation.

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE History, you should have satisfactorily completed a Year 10 History unit and demonstrated sufficient competency in all skill areas, or be prepared to complete catch-up work.

You must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Costs involved

Optional student lectures for Units 3 and 4 ($40 each)

Materials required

Units 3 & 4: One textbook per revolution/unit.

For further information see...

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