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12 VCE Japanese (12LJP1)

The Course

Units 3 & 4 further enhance your ability to communicate in Japanese, but also emphasise cross-cultural understanding, cognitive development, literacy and general knowledge. Coursework provides a high level of appropriate input in the language and activities are designed to maximise your language use. You are also required to undertake a detailed study on a topic related to the prescribed themes. You must provide an individual response to this topic and demonstrate your understanding of the language and culture of Japan. The detailed study forms part of the prescribed assessment for Units 3 & 4.

Unit 3 Topics

*Education *Travel in Japan *Japanese anime and manga

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

*Listening and reading comprehension activities *Research and presentation *Role plays and interviews *Discussion and debates *Skill development and grammar tasks *Writing tasks covering different writing styles *Additional conversation practice in small groups *Practice exams and mock orals

These units lead to

University study of Japanese, enhanced vocational opportunities in areas such as trade, tourism, banking, technology, education, travel and tourism or hospitality industries (among many others).

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE Japanese, you should have satisfactorily completed Year 10 Japanese and demonstrated sufficient competency in all skill areas. You must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4

Costs involved

Excursions (approx. $50)

Materials required

For further information see...

Mr Hasley

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