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12 VCE Health and Human (12PHH1)

The Course

Unit 3 - This unit looks at health, wellbeing and illness as multidimensional, dynamic and subject to different interpretations and contexts. Students begin to explore health and wellbeing as a global concept and to take a broader approach to inquiry. As they consider the benefits of optimal health and wellbeing and its importance as an individual and a collective resource, their thinking extends to health as a universal right. Students look at the fundamental conditions required for health improvement, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). They use this knowledge as background to their analysis and evaluation of variations in the health status of Australians. Area of Study 2 focuses on health promotion and improvements in population health over time. Students look at various public health approaches and the interdependence of different models as they research health improvements and evaluate successful programs. While the emphasis is on the Australian health system, the progression of change in public health approaches should be seen within a global context.

Unit 4 - This unit examines health and wellbeing, and human development in a global context. Students use data to investigate health status and burden of disease in different countries, exploring factors that contribute to health inequalities between and within countries, including the physical, social and economic conditions in which people live. Students build their understanding of health in a global context through examining changes in burden of disease over time and studying the key concepts of sustainability and human development. They consider the health implications of increased globalisation and worldwide trends relating to climate change, digital technologies, world trade and the mass movement of people. Area of Study 2 looks at global action to improve health and wellbeing and human development, focusing on the United Nations’ (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the work of the World Health Organization (WHO). Students also investigate the role of non-government organisations and Australia’s overseas aid program. Students evaluate the effectiveness of health initiatives and programs in a global context and reflect on their capacity to take action.

Unit 3 Topics

Unit 3 focuses on the health and wellbeing of Australians and is broken into 2 parts:

Unit 4 Topics

Unit 4 looks at health and wellbeing in countries other than Australia and is broken into 2 parts:

Learning and Assessment Activities

Learning Activities include: questioning, practice exam and data questions, class discussions, games, use of video clips and stimulus materials, group work and the use of technology such as google docs. We use a variety of forums to share information, practice skills, and enhance understanding in a fun, interesting and engaging way. 

Assessment is based on School Assessed Course work (SAC) and an external exam at the end of the year. SACs take a similar format to the end of year exam. There is at least one SAC for each of the 4 topics (outcomes).

These units lead to

This subject uses concepts and skills which compliment a number of other VCE subjects, including but not limited to Food Studies, Biology, Psychology, Geography, VET Sport and Recreation and Physical Education.

Helpful for further studies in: nursing, medicine, health promotion, physical education, teaching, overseas aid work

Special considerations

You will need to read small amounts of information but on a regular basis. There are a number of terms and definitions with which you need to become confident. You do not need to have completed Units 1 and/or 2 in order to complete Units 3 and 4, however you may need to do some pre-course work in order to better prepare yourself.

Costs involved

Edrolo online required software $30 per year (for two units)

Excursion to an exam revision session - approx $60.

Materials required

For further information see...

For further information, see Mrs Daldry, Mrs Gorton, Mrs Wilson or the careers staff.

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