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12 VCE Outdoor and Environment (12POE1)

The Course

Unit 3's focus is the ecological, historical and social contexts of relationships between humans and outdoor environments in Australia. Case studies of impacts on outdoor environments are examined in the context of the changing nature of human relationships with outdoor environments in Australia.

Unit 4 explores the sustainable use and management of outdoor environments. Students examine the contemporary state of environments in Australia, consider the importance of healthy outdoor environments, and examine the issues in relation to the capacity of outdoor environments to support the future needs of the Australian population. A major focus is on how decision pertaining to the environment are made and how people influence these decisions.

Unit 3 Topics

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

Unit 3 a coastal based camp with activities like sea kayaking or snorkeling and a bushwalk in Wilson's Promontory

Unit 4 a camp based on winter activities like skiing or snow boarding or another adventure activity.

These units lead to

TAFE courses related to outdoor recreation, tourism and adventure activities. University courses in Outdoor Education or Environmental Education.

Special considerations

Participation in camps is essential to develop the student's understanding and knowledge gained on these camps in an essential part of School Assessed Coursework.

Costs involved

Annual cost $750

Materials required

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