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12 VCE Physical Education (12PPE1)

The Course

Unit 3

This unit introduces students to the biomechanical and skill acquisition principles used to analyse human movement skills and energy production from a physiological perspective. Students use a variety of tools and techniques to analyse movement skills and apply biomechanical and skill acquisition principles to improve and refine movement in physical activity, sport and exercise. They use practical activities to demonstrate how correct application of these principles can lead to improved performance in physical activity and sport. 

Unit 4

In this unit students analyse movement skills from a physiological, psychological and sociocultural perspective, and apply relevant training principles and methods to improve performance within physical activity at an individual, club and elite level. Improvements in performance, in particular fitness, depend on the ability of the individual and/ or coach to gain, apply and evaluate knowledge and understanding of training. Students analyse skill frequencies, movement patterns, heart rates and work to rest ratios to determine the requirements of an activity. Students consider the physiological, psychological and sociological requirements of training to design and evaluate an effective training program.

Unit 3 Topics

Unit 4 Topics

Learning and Assessment Activities

* Practical laboratory reports linking knowledge and skills * Case study analysis * Data analysis * Written reports * Physical simulations * Visual presentations and podcasts * Test/Exams

These units lead to

Further study in this area, directly or indirectly, may lead to many various occupations/university studies in, for example Physical Education, Sports or Personal Training, Coaching, Occupational Therapy, Sport and Recreation, Health Promotion, Medicine.

Special considerations

Before undertaking VCE Physical Education it would be advantageous to have successfully completed at least 1 Year 10 PE electives.

Costs involved

Textbook ($80) and possible excursion ($40)

Edrolo online required software $30 per year (for two units)

Materials required

Textbook, etc

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