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12 VCE Informatics (12TIN1)

The Course

Informatics is designed for students wishing to use software rather than creating it.

In this course students are required to formulate a study question which they will investigate through out the year. They will then have to publish their findings online.

The course also delves into data management and for which students will learn to use a database package.

Unit 3 Topics

In Area of Study 1, students use relational database management system software to create a database solution and a graphics tool to represent how data flows on a website when users undertake online transactions.


Area of Study 2 forms part of a School-assessed Task (SAT), and is the first part of a practical project. Students frame a hypothesis, and gather, manipulate and interpret data to draw conclusions that support or refute the hypothesis. Students use software tools to document a project plan and capture, store, prepare and manipulate data.

Unit 4 Topics

Area of Study 1 forms the second part of the SAT. Students create a multimodal online solution, that present the conclusions drawn from their hypothesis. This involves using software to create a web-based solution that contains multiple data types. Students also evaluate the quality of the solution and assess how well their project plan helped them monitor the progress of their project.


In Area of Study 2 students focus on how organisations protect the integrity and security of data that they dispose and store. Students do not use software to demonstrate this outcome.

Learning and Assessment Activities

Percentage contributions to the study score in VCE Informatics are as follows:

·           Unit 3 School-assessed Coursework: 10 per cent

·           Unit 4 School-assessed Coursework: 10 per cent

·           School-assessed Task: 30 per cent

·           End-of-year examination: 50 per cent.        

These units lead to

Special considerations

Before completing this subject students should have completed units 1 and 2 Computing.

Costs involved


Materials required

Textbook, display folder, USB and writing materials

For further information see...

Mr Cox

Study design link

Computing Study Design http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/vce/computing/ComputingSD-2016.pdf