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12 VCE Software Development (12TSD1)

The Course

Software Development is primarly aimed at students who have an interest in creating software using a structured programming language.

In this course students will develop a folio of working software using the programming language Visual Basic. They will also develop a piece of software based on a client’s needs as part of a SAT.

Students who have no prior programming skills or knowledge are not suited to this course.

Unit 3 Topics

In Area of Study 1, students develop skills in interpreting software designs and in creating working modules using a programming language. The programming language used is a school decision, however, it must be able to support a set of mandated programming requirements.


Area of Study 2 forms part of a School-assessed Task (SAT), and is the first part of a practical project. Students determine a need or opportunity for a purpose-designed solution and then formally document the analysis as a Software Requirements Specification. They then generate a range of design ideas, select their preferred one and develop it as a detailed design. Students use a software tool to document a project plan. 

Unit 4 Topics

Area of Study 1 forms the second part of the SAT. Students use specific functions of a programming language to transform the design created in Unit 3, Outcome 2 into a software solution. As part of developing the solution, students conduct a practical useability test to identify features of their solution that work and don’t work. Students also evaluate the quality of the solution and assess how well their project plan helped them monitor the progress of their project.


In Area of Study 2 students apply systems thinking systems when analysing the dependencies between two information systems and assessing the impact on the operation of an information system if shared data has been compromised. Students do not use software to demonstrate this outcome. 

Learning and Assessment Activities

Percentage contributions to the study score in VCE Software development are as follows:

·           Unit 3 School-assessed Coursework: 10 per cent

·           Unit 4 School-assessed Coursework: 10 per cent

·           School-assessed Task: 30 per cent 

·           End-of-year examination: 50 per cent.

These units lead to

Jobs related to:

Special considerations

Students should have completed units 1 and 2 Computing before attempting Software Development.

Costs involved

Textbook approx $90

Materials required

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