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Airbrush 400 (AAB400)

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The Course:

This unit will expose students to the wide range of creative experiences an airbrush offers and is designed to develop and broaden their skills and confidence. Students undertaking this elective should, on completion, have experienced cut and hand held stencils, double action freehand line, tone, photorealism and black and white portraiture. They should have a folio with work that could be used for tertiary or job interviews. If you intend going on with art, graphic communication, textiles or would like to develop skills to use on ceramics, t-shirts, surfboards, finger nails, make up, cars, bikes etc., this could be the course for you.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 14 and above.

This unit will focus on...

Students will focus on learning the basics of Airbrushing. This will entail learning how to properly use an airbrush, doing skill building exercises to help them become comfortable using the airbrush, then will lead onto creating more complex artworks such as: landscapes, street art inspired artworks, and portraits.  The course also develops analytical skills used when critiquing artwork. The students will learn how to use the Art Elements and Principles and the artist's personal background when analysing an artwork.

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$40 per semester

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Mr Trew, Mr Hasley, Ms Ryan

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