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Dance 300 (ADA300)

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In this unit students have an exciting introduction to dance, exploring basic dance skills, improvisation, basic choreographic principles and dance terminology. The skills learnt in this unit will be used to create group works. Students develop interpersonal skills through group work and by participating in a range of team building and focusing activities. Students are encouraged to develop their creative thinking by sharing a range of ideas in brainstorming and performance development sessions which will lead to a final presentation, forming a major part of their assessment. Students are also required to view and write a performance evaluation on both a professional performance and performances presented by their peers.

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Learning and Assessment Activities

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Year 10 offers both Dance as a subject at DSC and VET Dance (two year, scored VET).

Special considerations

This is a practical subject and participation in physical activities is required. Students will need to bring a change of clothes and a drink bottle to every class.

This subject is not intended to replace external dance lessons - you will learn more technique in external dance classes than in this subject. This subject will allow you to explore and experiment with your dance choices.

Costs involved

Possible excursion/incursion (performance) approximate cost $10

Possible Theatre visit - approximately $25

Materials required

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