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Drama 400 (ADR400)

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The Course:

In this unit students will have the opportunity to further develop their interests in performance and the fascinating world of Drama and Theatre. They will discover how a show is run and the technical requirements for putting a show together. Students will delve into some of the main Theatrical Styles and also have the opportunity to explore the Conventions used in them. Students will be required to write a performance evaluation on a professional performance and/or a performance presented by their peers. Students will work towards a major ensemble performance with the goal of presenting to family and friends.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 14 and above.

This unit will focus on...

Year 10 Drama is a semester-long subject and builds upon the performance and analysis skills explored in 8/9 Drama. Year 10 Drama gives a taste of VCE 'Theatre' (narrative performance) by exploring different theatre styles and producing a play.

Students should be exploring both group performances and solo performances.

Learning and Assessment Activities

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In VCE, students are offered both 'Drama' and 'Theatre Studies'.

Drama revolves around the process of creating drama and explores thematic (as opposed to narrative) pieces.

Theatre revolves around the stages of production and explores putting on plays. This subject is great for people who wish to hone their acting and design skills. It is possible to do VCE Theatre without acting, but only designing stagecraft (such as set, sound, costume, props, lighting).

Most students find Drama more confusing than Theatre Studies.

Special considerations

This is a practical subject. Students should come prepared to physically participate. Students may need to bring leggings to wear under school dresses if necessary.

Costs involved

Excursion/incursion (professional performance OR Xpressions Festival) approximately $20

Materials required

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Miss Brooker, Mrs Moss

Study design link

VCAA VCE Theatre Studies Index Page - this link will lead you to the Study Design for VCE Theatre Studies.

VCAA VCE Drama Index Page - this link will lead you to the Study Design for VCE Drama.