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Making Music 300 (AMM300)

Students say...

The Course:

Students who choose this subject will have the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities as a musician and music performer through being involved in solo and group performances. Students will perform for their class, at lunchtime concerts and at other concerts that are part of the College Music Program. Students will develop their aural and music theory skills as well as their music analysis skills. Students will also be involved in songwriting and composition.

This unit will focus on...

Developing performance skills as a solo musician and in a small ensemble. The unit will also focus on improving theory knowledge and developing aural and analytical skills.

Learning and Assessment Activities

e Performance, including the ability to rehearse appropriately in a group and individually

e Aural and written theory tasks

e Music analysis tasks

e Research tasks

e Composition and songwriting tasks


These units lead to

8/9 Making Music leads to Year 10 Music and even VCE Music.

Special considerations

Students do not need to already play an instrument to choose this subject, however, they will be required to learn one as part of the course.

Costs involved

No cost involved.

Materials required

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