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Visual Communication 400 (AVC400)

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The Course:

Visual Communication 400 students will learn to convey ideas and information to an audience through visual language. Students will develop conceptual and aesthetic understandings about design solutions in the world around them, with emphasis on communication, and industrial design.

Students will explore a variety of drawing mediums and techniques including: coloured and graphite pencil rendering, technical drawing and computer generated designs. Students will be exposed to and create drawings for different purposes using a range of drawing methods, media and materials and the design elements and principles. Students will be able to show how visual communications have been influenced by past and contemporary design eras.


The maturity level of topics studied will be appropriate for students aged 14 and above.

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Visual Communication 400 is a semester-long subject and builds upon the technical and analysis skills explored in Visual Communication 250. Visual Communication 400 gives a taste of VCE Visual Communication by exploring different mediums and techniques whilst producing 2 final products. 

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