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English 400 (EEN400)

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The Course:

The focus of Level 400 English is to get you prepared for VCE English. You will work on reading a range of texts to understand, appreciate and analyse the ways texts are constructed and interpreted. You will develop competence and confidence in creating written, oral and multimodal texts, with a particular focus on how language persuades the audience. Writing will focus on completing a range of sustained texts and will include the creation of essays, imaginative stories and comparative responses. Reading will include responding to contemporary and classical narratives and plays, as well as media and electronic texts. 

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Learning and Assessment Activities

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Unit 1 VCE English

Year 11 VET English




Special considerations

Costs involved

Excursions and incursions


Materials required

Green Monkey Dreams (Short story collection) Isobelle Carmody

  No Sugar (Play) Jack Davis

The Help (film) Tate Taylor

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Year 10 English is linked to whether or not students are able to attain a spot in VCE / VCAL at DSC. Each performance task needs to be done to achieve a competent; which might require resits, relearning material and intervention.

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