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English Language And Literature 400 (ELL400)

Students say...

'Language and literature provided me with more experience in writing types for English.'

'I really liked understanding how words work.' 

The Course:

In this taster class, you will experience the best bits of Literature and English Language. By the end of this semester long elective, you will be prepared to take either of these subjects at VCE.

If you cannot understand someone’s argument and declare, "it's all Greek to me!" you are quoting Shakespeare! Or if you can't stand it when people pronounce 'specifically' as 'pacifically', then this is for you! In English Language, you will discover the origins of our language and explore how it has changed throughout the centuries, as well as delve into the intricacies of English. 

In Literature, discover what makes a story good! What is it about writing that you love? How do writers, write? Delve into some of the most significant pieces of literature during this unit, to debate and uncover answers to these questions. If you enjoy reading and discussing stories, then this unit is for you!  

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities

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Costs involved

Possible excursion of approx. $20.

Materials required

Texts as per booklist.

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