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Food Around The World 300 (FFW300)

Students say...

'I loved the high tea and learning about food and culture from around the world!' - Bree 

The Course:

Do you enjoy trying different foods from all around the world?

Do you want to learn more about the cultural life of other countries?

If so, then read on...

This Foods Unit focuses on the social and cultural influences on food choices in Australia.

You will investigate foods from around the world, while developing food preparation skills and knowledge from other cultures.

Focus will also be on culturally based ingredients, cooking techniques and equipment.

You will be challenged with Creating Design Solutions, where you will research a country and produce a dish or meal from that country and evaluate your finished work.

Dishes you may prepare include Pot Sticker Dumplings, Italian Crostata, Mexican Bento Box and Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding. 

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities

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Special considerations

Although not essential, it is expected you will have completed Food Studies in Year 7 and have been able to practise your food preparation skills at home.  

Costs involved

$95 per Semester.

Cost for prac sessions for the Semester are set at the start of each year.

Possible excursion: Approximately $20

Materials required

For further information see...

For further information, see Mrs Allen, Mrs McHutchison, Mrs Stevens or Mr Thorpe.

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