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Business, Accounting and Law 400 (HBE400)

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The Course:

Business, Accounting and Law is set up as an introductory subject for students who may be interested in studying the VCE subjects: Business Management, Accounting and Legal Studies. This one-semester course spends some time looking at each of these areas of study as students explore the foundations of business, the basics of accounting, and the fundamentals of the law.

During the subject, students will learn about: starting a business, the different types of businesses, their structures and operations; how to generate and interpret income statements and cash flow statements to assess your businesses performance; and the structure and function of the law, including civil and criminal law and alternatives such as the Koori Court.

This unit will focus on...



Legal Studies

Learning and Assessment Activities

Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through:

These units lead to

VCE studies of Business Managament, Accounting, and Legal Studies

Studying Business Management leads to an array of occupations, including accounting, advertising, administration, banking, managing, economist, finance, human resources, imports and exports, industrial relations, investments, logistics officer, market research, research, public relations, real estate, small business, publisher, retail, sports administrator, stock broker, taxation agent, trade union official, treasurer, (among others).


Special considerations

As this is normally students first experience with many of these subjects, students need to be able to persevere with the learning and seek help when they need it.

Costs involved

There are no excursions and no textbooks for this subject.

Materials required

Display folder, caculator and A4 96 page exercise book 

For further information see...

Mr Russell, Miss Burton or Ms Groves

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