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Citizenship 100 (HCI100)

Students say...

The Course:

Students will look deeper into topics covered in Year 7 humanities, particularly civics and economics.

They will also look at different examples of key focus areas and expand on the knowledge they already have.


This unit will focus on...

Economics and business

- cost benefit analysis

- personal financial literacy

- real life application of learning


Civics and Citizenship

- how to be an active citizen

- what rights and freedoms we enjoy in Australia

- different ways to show and express identity

Learning and Assessment Activities

Students will complete heavily scaffolded tasks in class


Activities will include:

- quizes

- group tasks

- case studies

- reading the news

- listening to pod casts

- working through scenarios

- acting / role plays

- tests

These units lead to

Level 200 Civics

Special considerations

Costs involved

There is no textbook for this class.

There may be an excursion costing $30

Materials required

Normal stationary items


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For further information see...

See Ms Burton

Study design link