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Citizenship 200 (HCI200)

Students say...

The Course:

In this unit students will work to develop their skills as critical thinkers and problem solvers. Presented with a range of essential questions to explore, students will focus on the topics of Personal Economics and Civics and Citizenship.

This unit will focus on...

Civics and Citizenship:


Learning and Assessment Activities

Where available the Victorian Electoral Commission will come out and hold a mock election with students, covering the preferential voting system, political parties and how the Prime Minister is chosen.

These units lead to

In Year 9 students complete the semester-long unit '9 Humanities' which looks at Civics, History, Geography and Economics.

In Year 10, Humanities is split into 3 subjects: History, Georgraphy, and Business, Accounting and Law. Each subject is semester-long.

In VCE, there are several Humanities subjects to choose from:

Special considerations

Costs involved

Possible excursion ($20)

In 2020 there will be a compulsory textbook.

This one textbook will cost approx $75 and cover both Year 8 Humanities and Year 8 Civics.


The textbook will come with an online platform and test centre that will be incorporated into the current curriculum.

Materials required

128 page workbook


Calculator (the one they use for maths will be perfect!)


For further information see...

Miss Burton

Study design link