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Geography 400 (HGE400)

Students say...

"I really liked learning about other cultures."

"I didn't realise we were so much better off than our neighbours. What I've learnt in Geography this semester has really helped me appreciate what I have."

"The excursion was awesome! It was great to be somewhere different for a day and feel like we were in a different place in the world."

The Course:

400 Geography focuses on cultural immersion, where students will learn about a country's culture and issues. The study also focuses on why some countries are socially, economically or environmentally “better off” than others. The major areas of study are Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and Australia, in a comparison of developing and developed nations. The course will include an excursion.

This is a Humanities based subject covering the essential aspects of Cultural History, Geography and Human Wellbeing. Other areas assessed are Civics and Citizenship – becoming a global citizen. What a fantastic way to learn and make a difference to the world! 

This unit will focus on...


Learning and Assessment Activities

Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through

• Case Studies

• Written tasks from readings, maps and data analysis

• Computer and fieldwork research

• End of Semester Exam

These units lead to

VCE Geography.

Rangers, Tourism, United Nations, International aid worker, Geology, Agriculture, Civil engineering, Environmental science, Ecology, Surveyor, Sociology, Aviation, Defence force, Mining, Meteorologist, Parks and recreation, Outdoor education, Landscape architecture, Nature conservation, Town planning (among others).

Special considerations

Students will not be required to purchase a textbook however, there is a compulsory excursion where students will gather necessary fieldwork data in order to successfully meet the outcomes required of 400 Geography. Students studying 400 Geography MUST attend this excursion.

Costs involved

Possible excursion costing approximately $40

Materials required

No textbook required for this subject

For further information see...

Miss O'Leary or Miss Burton

Study design link

VCAA VCE Geography Index Page - this will lead you to the study design for Year 11 and 12 Geography