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History 400 (HHI400)

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The Course:

This semester long subject focuses on Australia’s experiences in WWII and the society which developed after this. In-depth studies into Australia’s Pacific campaign in WWII, the Holocaust, and Indigenous Australian’s struggle for rights, allows students to extend their historical thinking skills. 

This unit will focus on...

World War II


Rights and Freedoms

Learning and Assessment Activities


These units lead to

VCE History.

Studying History leads to an array of occupations (historiography, archaeology, anthropology, criminology, cultural heritage office, foreign affairs and trade, writing, editing, journalism, tourism, research, data analysis, education, human resources, museum curator, among others).

The skills required to be successful in 10-12 History (analysis of cause and effect, evaluation of sources, communicating ideas through the written word) are invaluable and do not tie down to one field of expertise or occupation.

Special considerations

There is no textbook required for this subject however there will be a compulsory excursion. Excursions give a different perspective to the topic, in any subject, and are a valuable learning experience. Learning tasks will, and major assignments and even the end of semester exam could, focus on learning experienced on the excursion, therefore, it is vital to attend.

The causes of WWII are directly related to the results of WWI. WWI is studied in Year 9 Humanities. Additional catch-up work may be required if you do not have a sufficient understanding of WWI.

Costs involved

Possible excursion (approx. $30)

Materials required

For further information see...

Miss Burton

Study design link

 VCAA VCE History Units 1 and 2 Index Page - this will lead you to the study design for VCE History.