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Humanities 100 (HHU100)

Students say...

The Course:

Students will look at ancient civilisations in history, with the teacher choosing from Ancient Egypt, Rome, India, Australia and Greece.

They will be looking at the historical skills of inquiry and source analysis.

In Geography students will look at either liveability or water.

The key skills of field work, data interpretation and map interpretation will be taught.

This unit will focus on...


- daily life of an ancient civilisation

- significant people

- beliefs and values

- perspectives, bias and completeness of sources

- death and funeral customs



- sustainability

- how to improve a place for young people

- social connectedness of places

- factors that influence where we live

- field work 

Learning and Assessment Activities


- quizes

- field work including sketching and taking data

- textbook work

- source analysis

- library visits for research

- graph analysis

- looking at documentaries 


These units lead to

Level 200 Humanities

Special considerations

Not applicable.

Costs involved

Students may go on an excursion for geography as field work is one of the skills we focus on.

The textbook from year 7 humanities should be retained and used in this subject.

Materials required

Normal stationary (scissors, glue stick, grey led pencil and eraser, pens, highlighters etc)


Display folder for handouts

For further information see...

For further information see Miss Burton

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