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Humanities 200 (HHU200)

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This unit will explore History and Geography, and offer students the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in a number of areas. In History students will learn about the period between the ancient to modern world (c.650CE to c.1750) with depth studies on a medieval society. In Geography students will strengthen their basic geography skills, such as map reading and identifying landforms, through a range of activities, including looking at Biomes.

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Learning and Assessment Activities

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Humanities leads to an array of occupations. The skills required to be successful in Humanities (analysis of cause and effect, evaluation of sources, communicating ideas through the written word) are invaluable and do not tie down to one field of expertise or occupation.

Year 9 Humanities is a semester-long subject that looks at Civics, History, Geography and Economics. This subject is compulosry for all year 9 students (some students may access this subject in year 8).

In Year 10, Humanities is split into 3 subjects: History, Georgraphy, and Business, Accounting and Law. Each subject is semester-long. Students must study at least one of these.

In VCE, there are several Humanities subjects to choose from:

Special considerations

There will be a compulsory excursion for geography. Excursions give a different perspective to the topic, in any subject, and are a valuable learning experience. Geography requires field work and data collection as a key skill that is assessed.

Costs involved

Excursion, approximately $25

In 2020 there will be a compulsory textbook.

This textbook will cost approx $75 and cover both Year 8 Humanities and Year 8 Civics.

The textbook will come with an online platform and test centre that will be incorporated into the current curriculum.

Materials required

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