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Humanities 300 (HHU300)

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The Course:

This unit focuses on building skills in Civics, History, Geography and Economics. In History, you will study one depth study focusing on WWI. In Geography, you will be environmental impacts on Biomes using a food wastage caste study.  In Economics you will learn what skills and attributes are needed in the future world of work. In Civics students will learn about  what influences voters when it comes to electing our government.

This unit will focus on...

History: WWI

Geography: Tourism and the natural environment

Economics: Basic economics

Work and Work Future

Consumer and Financial Literacy

Learning and Assessment Activities

Activities completed in Level 300 Humanities further learning of historical skills, geographical skills and economic skills.

These units lead to

Studying Humanities leads to and array of occupations. The skills required to be successfull in Humanities (analysis of cause and effect, evaluation of sources and data, communicating ideas through the written word) are invaluable and do not tie down to one field of expertise or occupation.

In Level 400, Humanities is split into 3 subjects: History, Georgraphy, and Economics and Business. Each subject is semester-long. Students much choose at least one.

In VCE, there are several Humanities subjects to choose from:

Special considerations

Students will not be required to purchase a textbook.

Costs involved

There is no costs for this subject.

Materials required

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