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French 200 (LFR200)

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The Course:

200 French follows on from Year 7 French and runs in either Semester One or Semester Two. In 200 French you will build on the skills and knowledge you already have while studying topics that are relevant to your life. 

Each unit will comprise of listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural components in which you will use the language in authentic ways and learn the cultural links between the people and the language they speak. You will complete speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks, as well as games and activities designed to help you retain vocabulary and better understand the structure of the language. You will frequently use your computers, both in class and for homework.

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities


You will be required to demonstrate knowledge of vocabulary and grammar through:

You will also be required to demonstrate your ability to speak the language in


These units lead to

300 French

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Ms Erin Warner 

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