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Mathematics 400 (MMA400)

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This course is designed for the majority of Year 10 students. It follows on directly from Maths 300 and provides instruction in a wide range of general mathematical concepts, with strong foci in the Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability dimensions. Major topics of study include algebra, indices and surds, linear equations, consumer mathematics, measurement, networks, trigonometry, probability and statistics. This unit prepares students for VCE mathematical studies. Maths 400 is equivalent to the end of year 10.

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Learning and Assessment Activities

Measurement of student progress towards the standard in each dimension is an ongoing process that includes, but is not limited to

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This subject leads students towards VCE General Maths or VCAL Numeracy.

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Please see: Miss Werner, Mr Dowty or Mr Siva.

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