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Active Pursuits 400 (PAP400)

Students say...

"This class was much more enjoyable than doing the coaching one or doing fitness workouts. I enjoyed all the different activities I had never played before.  I really enjoyed the Lawn bowling we did down the street"

The Course:

Students who enjoy being active but may not enjoy mainstream sports, this unit is for you. Students will participate in various different active pursuits found in the wider community, such as Korfball, Archery, Lawn Bowls, Ultimate frisbee, Bocce, golf, dance along with all-abilities sports. The elective is focused on investigating and implementing programs that improve and encourage continued involvement in physical activity. Theory element allocated (1 period per week) in this subject.

This unit will focus on...

Healthy lifestyles across the age groups, Physical activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines, promotion of physical activity and benefits of physical activity.

Learning and Assessment Activities

Activities (but not limited to)

These units lead to

Special considerations

Costs involved

Materials required

• Drouin Secondary College PE Shirt and Shorts

• Change of appropriate footwear (lace up runners)

• Change of socks

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