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Coaching And Instruction 400 (PCI400)

Students say...

"Coaching and Instruction has given me the skills and confidence I need to lead a group of junior students in arange of sports. I would suggest anyone interested in leading junior sports put their name down for this subject" - anonymous 1

"I found coaching and Instruction good because I was able to learn more about how to improve my skills, and performance in a range of sports" - anonymous 2

The Course:

In this unit you will not only participate in a range of individual and team sports, but be given the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to improve team performance and become a successful coach. You will learn and implement strategies focused on skill acquisition, biomechanics, practice strategies, motivation and risk management.

The following topics will be covered:

This unit will focus on...

Learning and Assessment Activities

Student choices for Coaching tasks and may include but are not limited too:

These units lead to

VCE Physical Education, Health & Human Development, Outdoor Education.

Special considerations

Participation in a variety of different sports and applying principles/strategies of coaching to improve individual and team performance.

Costs involved

Materials required

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