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Duke of Edinburgh 300 (PDE300)

Students say...

"This has been the best subject we have studied about our character strenghts, organisation, working together, teamwork and learning about leadership."

"I never knew I could do the things I achieved in this subject"

"I loved working with the Drouin and Warragul CFA volunteers. Working on the trucks and with the equipment was awesome."

"The camps were the best, getting out and seeing places, hanging with friends and still achieving our goals."

"Spending time with teachers out of school, they really treat you differently, like a team member."

"I never believed I would actually get my Bronze certificate, but here I am finishing my Silver!"

The Course:

Do you like helping other people and giving back to the community?

Do you enjoy personal challenges and pushing what you can achieve?

Do you like learning new practical skills and being in the outdoors?

Would you like to be able to show future employers a certificate of your achievements?

The Duke of Edinburgh is a program designed to give students the opportunity to explore their full potential in leadership, teamwork, community and commitment to personal achievement. Students work on skills of communication, collaboration, teamwork, organisation, problem solving and analysis in real life situations. There are 4 components of the award: Skills, physical recreation, volunteering and adventure journey. The award has 3 levels achievable over 3 years: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students must complete all camps and their personal logbook, in all areas, to qualify for the award.

This unit will focus on...

* Ability to work independently, in teams and show leadership

* Ability to show organisation, persistence and community spirit

* Demonstrate the ability to complete all set tasks on time

* Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to solve problems

* Demonstrate good communication skills

* Demonstrate skills in the use of ICT to support thinking, for creating, and for communication

Learning and Assessment Activities

The course is designed with many practical and theory sessions.

Learning how to cook on a trangia, pack a bushwalking pack and read a topographic maps.

There will be theory sessions on Outdoor Education, skills and practices. These will culminate as a camp.

Possibly mountainbike riding skills sessions or some other outdoor sport.

One session a week will be doing practical skills with an emergency service provider.

Community Service will be done in our local community as a DSC Leo with the Drouin Lions Club.

Camp 1 for 2 - 3 days, two nights, bush walking, sleeping in tents, carrying backpacks and cooking on trangias.

Camp 2 organised by the students including walking, navigation and possibly mountain bike riding or surfing.

These units lead to

Geography Year 10, 11 & 12

Outdoor and Enviromental Studies Year 10 & 11.

Special considerations

There is a cost to this course and you should be prepared to give your time and efforts to community based projects. 

This course is a fabulous addition to anyone's resume. If you have what it takes to put in your best effort, you will love this program. 

Costs involved

The cost for the course is broken into:

Registration to Duke of Edinburgh Award $150

2 camps of 2-3 days and two nights each $250

Total program cost $400 for the semester. 

Materials required

* 126 page exercise book

* Display folder

* Strong walking boots (not school shoes), long sleeved thermal top and small head torch for camps. 

For further information see...

Mrs. Walker

Study design link