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Fitness and Training 400 (PFT400)

Students say...

"I was really into fitness and liked the idea of developing my own training program, this class let me have input into what I did in practical lessons"

"I didn't enjoy sport but i did enjoy being active.  I really liked that we did lots of fitness stuff and not play sport"


The Course:

Students who enjoy training and improving their own fitness levels, this unit is for you. Students will design and implement their own fitness training program, participate in various different types of exercise and training sessions, with the aim of improving their own fitness levels.

Theory element allocated (1 period per week) in this subject.

This unit will focus on...

Focus is on developing students fitness levels.  Designing and implementing effective training programs and training sessions.

Learning and Assessment Activities

Fitness Assessment

Fitness Components

Training Principles

Training Methods.

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