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Health 300 (PHE300)

Students say...

  • I would rate my first 3 lessons of Year 9 Health as 5 out of 5.
  • We had fun and leant stuff without realising.
  • It is a great chance to work with teachers and other students in quite a different way.
  • Sometimes it is a bit challenging to be in such a big group with 2 classes together, but that can be good too.

The Course:

Students will learn to identify and explain the rights and responsibilities associated with developing greater independence, including those related to sexual matters and relationships.  They will look at how they fit into the real world and why we are all different.  There will be a large focus on respectful relationships and how we can be mindful of how we interact with others.  Topics to be covered during the unit include teamwork, issues, drugs and alcohol, relationships and mental, emational and physical health This unit will be completed by all year 9 students. 


This unit will focus on...

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