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Specialist AFL 300 (PSA300)

Students say...

The Course:

This unit looks at the pathway to becoming an AFL player. Students will partake in a simulated AFL draft camp focusing on specific fitness tests and fitness components associated within the sport of AFL. Students will participate in a round robin competition where they compete and play in games, developing their tactical awareness and game sense. Students can also experience different roles that exist in the AFL world including umpiring, score keeping, photographer, and writing game day summaries for our school newsletter.

This unit will focus on...

Students also have the opportunity to develop certain practical skills during this unit including:

The theory component of this unit will look at the challenges an AFL player and the wider sports community may face including but not limited to:

Learning and Assessment Activities

AFL Draft Camp in school

Gippsland Power excursion

Melbourne AFL game day trip experiecne

Participation in school AFL games

Training for game days

These units lead to

VCE Physical Education

Year 10 Sports Coaching

Year 10 Fitness and training

Special considerations

This elective is open to all students. It is important to understand AFL is a contact sport. There will be times where students will be playing games in a contact environment. They need to understand this when choosing the elective. All students must play within the spirit of the laws of AFL which will be the conditions of play in this subject.

Costs involved



Materials required

Mouth guard

Football boots

Water bottle

Appropriate Drouin sports uniform

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Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a field trip. This trip will include a visit to an AFL club, watching a professional training session, visiting the MCG museum, and watching a live game of AFL. This unique experience will provide students with a look at how an AFL player prepares, participates and performs within the AFL environment.

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