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Agriculture And Horticulture 300 (SAS300)

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This elective aims to give you an overview of the animal and plant management skills needed to run a livestock or horticultural enterprise, become a farm manager or study Agriculture at TAFE or University. It covers animal breeding, feeding and nutrition, disease control and management. Studies of horticulture include maintaining a vegetable garden and the study of plant management and usage. Students assist with the school’s calf raising program; participate in a Cows Create Careers major project (Victoria wide) and general operation of the school farm. Students achieve “hands on” experience with a number of farm operations including worming, vaccinating and tagging. This unit builds on the scientific learning of Year 9 Science and adds to it the study of ecosystems, photosynthesis & respiration and reproduction.

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Learning and Assessment Activities

Looking after animals, growing vegies, excursions, prac

These units lead to

Year 10 Agriculture and VCE Agriculture

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* Exercise workbook

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See Mrs Pilgrim-Cayzer

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